Dr. Otoni M. Gomes was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 1975 he obtained the title of Doctor in Medicine from the prestigious School of Medicine at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. The title of his doctoral thesis was: “Comparative analysis of ultra-structural and biochemical alterations in hearts arrested by normothermic and hypothermic anoxia”, in the area of cardiac surgery. In 1982 he was appointed to full professor in the Department of Surgery of the School of Medicine, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Besides teaching medical students, Dr. Gomes also worked extensively with post-graduates, especially as director of several courses, in the area of cardiovascular surgery and also experimental medicine, contributing to the training of numerous cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons. He has also been the director of several master and doctoral theses. In numerous opportunities he acted as a jury in competitive evaluations of professors as well as master and doctoral theses.

During the 80’s and 90’s he also performed this intense teaching activity at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Of particular importance is the academic and scientific work that he has been developing for many years in the Cardiovascular Foundation San Francisco de Asís, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, of which he is the founding member and director. For twenty-six consecutive years he has been organizing the “Scientific Cardiovascular Forum” in different cities of Brazil, which is one of the most important cardiology congresses in that country. An important distinction of this congress is that it not only includes basic and clinical research activities, but also enjoys the participation of many medical students. In relation to this last aspect, it is very important to highlight Prof. Dr. Otoni Moreira Gomes’s interest in encouraging scientific research in medical students, significantly contributing to excellent training of medical professionals. In recent years, his interest in encouraging medical education and scientific research has been highlighted. This has been done not only in Brazil but also in other countries of Latin America, having organized important scientific meetings also in Argentina and Perú, with the direct collaboration of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons from those countries.

For approximately twenty years he has actively participated in the IACS, having been one of the Latin America Branch founding members. His participation in this important International Society has been reflected in the numerous distinctions that he has obtained from IACS, among them are: the Distinguished Service in Cardiovascular Science, Medicine & Surgery Award in 2003, the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010, and the Distinguished Leadership Award  in 2013. He has also been part of the Executive Council Members, Executive Director and is the current President of the Latin American section.

He has participated in several research projects, having published more than two hundred manuscripts in international journals with peer review, mostly in Brazil and Latin America. He has published ten books and written ninety-four book chapters.

He has received numerous awards and distinctions from different National and International societies, besides the ones by IACS already mentioned. Among the most important are: the “Full Member of the Mineira Academy of Medicine” (2012), “Fellow of European Society of Cardiology” (2011), “Fellow of the American Society of Angiology” (2005), “Foreign Corresponding Member of the Argentine Society of Cardiology” (2004), “Medal to the Merit” granted in the XVII World Congress of the International Society for Heart Research, Canada (2001), and the “Award of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology” (1973), among others. He will also receive the appointment as Honorary Professor of the University of Buenos Aires this year.

Summary of the Professional and Academic Achievements of Otoni M. Gomes

  1. Established at Cardiovascular Institute in Belo Horizonte with training researches orientation with original thesis for Postdoctoral upgrading in Master`s degree of 46 individuals and Postdoctoral PhD upgrading of 12 individuals all of them working as Professors in Universities with Medical Schools.
  2. Specialized in Cardiology at the Aloysio de Castro Institute of Cardiology in Rio de Janeiro and already reckoned with Honor of Merit by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology and still engaged in Clinical and research work throughout Brazil.
  3. Specialized in Cardiovascular Surgery at the Heart Institute of University of São Paulo Medical School Cardiovascular Surgery, and still engaged in surgical and research work throughout Brazil.
  4. Already committed as Full Professor of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery at the University of São Paulo Medical School; University of Minas Gerais Medical School, University of Santa Maria Medical School at the Rio Grande do Sul State and at the Medical Faculty of Campos, Rio de Janeiro State.
  5. Organized 9 annual meetings for promoting cardiovascular activities throughout South America.
  6. Organized already XXV Postgraduate Forums for promoting the training of young cardiovascular investigators throughout South America.
  7. Served as Secretary General to the President of the International academy of Cardiovascular Sciences since 2000.
  8. Published 146 research papers and book chapters as first author, 85 research articles as co-author, and published 9 books as first author in area of Cardiovascular medicine and Surgery
  9. Founded a Philanthropic Foundation and the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences for Promoting Cardiovascular programs in Brazil and South America.